News from our Conservatory Roof Insulation Fitters

Conservatory Roof Insulation and the “Stag Do”.

Amazing. We had set up and were deep into the structural part of the installation when I had an odd feeling of being watched. I looked at where the covered door to the lounge was, but there was no one around.

I carried on, but still had the feeling that I was being watched.

Now that is not as odd a thing as you might think because quite often the customer has  an understandable interest in what we are doing but they usually just ask if it is OK to watch, which of course it is.

They normally do not hide and watch in secret.

After a few minutes I needed to get down from the trestle and as I did so I realised who, or – more accurately – what was watching me.

In a field just beyond the small garden in which this conservatory was located, was a large field with a small group of trees. The field was bounded by a wire and post fence with some small trees planted at intervals along the fence line.

Standing behind one of the trees with it’s head bent round the tree (and it’s body not at all hidden) was a small deer. It seemed to be mesmerised by what I was doing.

I wondered if I could slowly and quietly go towards it and take a photo of it but as I went through the already open door it took of like a racing car. I never new that they could run so fast.

new member of conservatory roof insulation team

new member of conservatory roof insulation team

Within moments my latest conservatory roof insulation fan had disappeared into the woods.

The owner of the conservatory later told me that they often see deer in that field but that they had never seen one come right up to the fence before. Must be my magnetic personality.



Never Mind Sleeper Trains – I need a Sleeper Van

Although I have never used a sleeper car on a train, it sounds like a really good way to travel.

conservatory ceiling installation

We travel a lot of miles between customers or between home and the customer.

Often it is necessary to stay in a hotel or lodgings because the next job is closer to the last job than it is to go home – such is the life of a conservatory ceiling insulator.

We like to start each new job at 8.30 am sharp and that can be a tall order given the distance we sometimes have to travel and the road conditions in general.

It occurred to me the other day that if we had a double decker van with bedroom upstairs, then I could be driven through the night and arrive promptly at 8.30 am totally refreshed and relaxed.

I did mention it to the boss but he did not see the practicality.

I will persist.

In the meantime I am working on a breakfast car that attaches to the van. Not sure yet how that idea will be received in the world of conservatory roof insulation specialists.


Wow! what a Whopper!

We have been fitting an insulated conservatory ceiling to a nursing home this week. Nursing homes often have conservatories and they tend to be quite a bit larger than the average domestic conservatory.

The old folk seem to love the conservatory so it really makes sense to ensure that it can be used all year round.

We had quite a job to stop some of the residents from joining us while we were working. I’m not sure what Health& Safety would say if we started to let senior citizens climb up our ladders.

Conservatory ceiling insulation


While we were working, I started to wonder just how big the biggest conservatory might be. So when I got home I went on-line to find out.

Turns out that it is quite large…….Very large actually.

15,590 square meters large

Of course it is not a usual design..very experimental and very impressive.

conservatory insulation

Hey Eden Project….Let me know if you need an insulated ceiling……But I’ll need a bigger van!!!

Cracked Pipe or Crackpot

We were just finishing an installation in the Chiswick area when the home owner asked me if I could take a quick look at the drain pipe to their house.

Apparently they suspected it might be cracked about 3m from the ground but had no way to check and since I had a set of long steps………..Now I must point out that we do not repair house drain pipes, however I agreed to take a look and at least let them know what I could see.

The house in question is part of a terrace of houses and the pipe in question was very close to the boundary of next door. As I started up the steps, leaning around to try to examine the rear of the pipe, a very elderly lady from next door came out of her house and called up to me asking “what time is it please?”.

I answered her that it was a little after 4pm. She then screamed at me at the top of her voice – which was exceptionally loud,

“Good, then my solicitor will still be in his office and if you so much a put one finger on my property I will sue you!”

I assured here that I would in no way be interfering with her property and she went back into her house shaking her fist at me.

I reported the incident to the home owner and I commented that I guessed that she must be suffering  from some kind of dementia.

“Not at all” said the home owner. “She is a sound as you or I”.

She really is just a nasty woman who will indeed sue you if she gets the least chance.

I think that their next investment should be a thermally insulated fence between them and their hot headed crackpot neighbour.


In the Dog House Again

They say that it’s a dogs life.

Well that may be true but from my recent experience that is not such a bad thing.

The past few conservatory roof insulation installations that I have been involved with have been where dog owners were making sure that their pooches would be very comfortable in the conservatory come summer or winter.

dog in conservatory insulation luxury

It does of course make perfect sense. You wouldn’t leave your pet in a car in summer, and a car will only generate a fraction of the heat that a south facing conservatory can achieve but I do begin to find myself a bit envious of some of the pampered pouches that I am meeting lately.