Conservatory Ceiling - Before & After insulation

Your conservatory ceiling.

One of the biggest concerns that people have when deciding on conservatory roof insulation is “what will my conservatory ceiling look like afterwards?” and to a lesser extent, “what will it look like from the outside?

It is vitally important that your new insulated conservatory ceiling is not just functional. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and still give that wonderful feeling of being airy and bright.

The following are just a few before and after photos that I hope will demonstrate that having an efficient thermal ceiling does not mean that your conservatory is any less of a garden room than it was before.

Here is a typical polycarbonate conservatory ceiling before insulation.

polycarbonate conservatory ceiling

polycarbonate conservatory ceiling

And here it is again after we had installed one of our insulated conservatory roof systems.

Poly carbonate insulated conservatory ceiling

Here is a glass roof conservatory.

Glass roof conservatory ceiling

And again after we fitted an insulated ceiling.

Glass roof conservatory ceiling After

Keeping an opening vent in the conservatory ceiling is, of course, an option.

Below is a photo of a wooden conservatory where the beams have been retained to good aesthetic effect.

 wooden conservatory ceiling

As you can see from the photograph above, having a thermally efficient conservatory does not mean having a featureless dark and gloomy room. Far from it. As this clearly shows, a vibrant and interesting garden room is eminently possible when we install our insulated conservatory roof system.

Here is a great shot of a glass conservatory from outside after one of our installations. The Hotel uses this conservatory to extend their dining area.

Outside view of conservatory ceiling installation

You would never guess that it had been altered in any way but now it will save the hotel owners a small fortune in energy charges

Here is another shot. See how the visual appeal is unchanged.

2nd outside view of conservatory ceiling installation

And Inside:-

Conservatory ceiling with exposed beams

Although this conservatory is now thermally insulated, the exposed beams have been highlighted to great effect.

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