Why Choose Rundle and Dorey For Conservatory Roof Insulation?

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Conservatory Roof Insulation By Rundle & Dorey Ltd

Rundle & Dorey Ltd are the owners and operators of the website known as conservatory-solutions .co.uk. We, in fact, own and operate many websites which are all different forms of advertising for our conservatory roof insulation services.

In the old days, all that was needed was to do a good job and wait for word of mouth to do its work, but these days that just is not enough. Business used to operate within a small and defined area but as time passes we operate in an ever increasing larger area.

 It is not at all unusual for us to be working anywhere within the UK.  We regularly work in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincoln, Scotland, Isle of Wight and everywhere in between.


Conservatory Roof Insulation In Progress

We are a family business with over 30 years experience in conservatory shading. I doubt that there is a type or size of the conservatory that we have not successfully made into a thermally efficient space. When it comes to conservatory roof insulation we really do have the expertise to ensure a totally efficient installation to every type of conservatory. Different shaped roofs and different conservatory constructions require different installation methods, and that is where our wealth of experience really stands out.

“We guarantee the work that we undertake to be of the very highest standard and should any fault develop in our workmanship or materials within 10 years of installation, then we will return to the customer and fully correct it, courteously and without charge”.

Our guarantee is underwritten by one of the UK’s most trusted guarantee underwriters who are themselves regulated by the Financial Services Agency 

We are competitive too. To find out just how competitive for conservatory roof insulation we are, why not call for a free no obligation survey & quotation today.

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Why suffer with a conservatory that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, when there is an effective and low-cost solution?